Pepper is the king of spices for a reason, and Diraviam Import & Export provides you with world class quality pepper with high piperine content. Wondering what determines pepper quality we give you a brief idea about it. Spicy flavor comes from the substance in pepper called piperine. Higher the piperine content, the spicier the pepper gets. A pepper’s liter weight is used to determine its piperine content. A higher liter weight determines the higher density of pepper. India has used pepper in cooking for centuries, and it is a native of South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is estimated that pepper was grown in southern Thailand as early as 2000 BCE, while in Malaysia it was primarily imported from India. Pepper was historically used both as a seasoning and as a medicine.

Black Pepper

Black pepper

In ancient times, black pepper (or long pepper) was believed to cure various ailments, including constipation, insomnia, sunburn, and toothaches. In various sources dating from before the fifth century, pepper is recommended for treating eye problems.

White pepper exporter from India

White pepper

Pure white pepper is simply the seeds of ripe pepper fruits, accompanied by removal of the darker-coloured fruit's skin (flesh). White pepper is commonly used in Chinese, Thai, and Portuguese cuisines. As a substitute for black pepper, it is occasionally used in salads, light colored sauces, and in mashed potatoes because it would stand out in black pepper dishes. Although white pepper lacks some substances present in its outer layer, this results in a different flavor.

 We provide all size peppers varies from 8mm – 12mm, 520 – 650 G/L

Pepper powder exporter from India

Pepper powder

Grounded pepper are used in different cosine worldwide. It is widely used to flavour dishes, it usually brings spicy flavor. Most fine quality peppers are found in the southern part of India, hence we have very good quality pepper powders. It is an instant ready made pepper ingredient to be used handy while cooking.

Pepper oil exporter from India

Pepper oil

Black pepper oil is extracted by steam distillation from the ripe fruits of piper nigrum. In India, pepper plants are mainly used for an innumerable number of purposes. For its calming effects, it is widely used in steam humidifiers and aroma diffusers. This product also uplifts moods with its soothing aroma.